Month: March 2017

  • Savings and Deposit Accounts – Ups and Downs

    Savings and Deposit Accounts – Ups and Downs

    The ups… A recent report, by leading financial authority Moneyfacts*, shows that interest rates are showing some early signs of an upward trend, driven almost entirely by the rates from the newest UK banks (so called challenger banks). These newcomers need savers’ funds as they attempt to increase their presence in the market. According to…

  • Bank Ring-Fencing

    Bank Ring-Fencing

    Back in 2011, Sir John Vickers set out the initial proposal for bank ring-fencing. Its aim is to separate the services that small and medium-sized banks provide from their more high-risk investment trading operations. This therefore protects the high-street customer if the investment banking and trading operations of those banks sustain big losses and place…