Month: September 2020

  • NS&I to slash saving rates | How Insignis Cash Solutions can help

    NS&I to slash saving rates | How Insignis Cash Solutions can help

    National Savings & Investments (NS&I) have announced that they will slash interest rates in November and cut the Premium Bonds prize fund a month later. Direct Savers with NS&I will receive a cut in rates from 1% to just 0.15%, whilst those with Income Bonds, which have been offering market-leading instant access rates, will see…

  • Cash is a conversation starter

    Cash is a conversation starter

    Developing your financial planning business through professional partner firms can be extremely rewarding and valuable in the long-term. Strong working partnerships with accountants and solicitors can provide a reliable source of high-quality business with very little acquisition cost. In this article, we explain how you can use a cash service to solve common problems facing…

  • Protect Savings Through Diversification

    Protect Savings Through Diversification

    The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is the government mandated protection scheme for savings in the UK, and is designed to protect savers from the collapse of financial institutions. Protection of savings is key during uncertain times, and although the collapse of Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingley, and the Icelandic banks are now a distant…