Help Protect Clients’ Savings with Bank Diversification

Insignis Cash Solutions can help you protect your clients’ cash savings. 

With a panel of 30 banks we are in a strong position to protect cash savings with bank diversification in such unprecedented times. 

We have had a very significant increase in inquiries from clients and prospective clients who are focused on diversification and maximum FSCS protection. They are particularly interested in accounts ranging from instant access to 1 year as this gives clients flexibility around future interest rates. 

There are two main elements to consider when looking at cash savings:

  • Bank Diversification to enhance bank protection eligibility
  • Liquidity structure of savings to ride the wave 

Both of these elements are at the heart of what we do and we want to help you help your clients. 

Simply contact us today on 01223 200674 or email to see how we can assist you in protecting your clients’ cash portfolios. 






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